I was always that kid who sang every second of the day. Even now everywhere i go there is a song constantly playing in my head. I got my first real taste of music at the age of 8 when my school teacher pulled brought in 15 old guitars into our classroom and attempted to teach us how to play. I loved every second of it and would not stop nagging my parents until at the age of 12 i started guitar lessons. However it wasn't until i was 15 that i had the courage to sing in front of an audience. i loved it.

I am now a full time solo performer. I dedicate myself to learning cover songs and (using my loop station and various effect pedals) pulling them apart and recreating them in a way that pays tribute to the original artist and also shows my own musical creativity. I love what i do and it shows in my music.

I now play gigs all over the coast including The Star Casino, the Q1 Skybar, Walrus Social House and many more. Contact me to find out the dates and listen at one of my local venues.


I use a 6 string guitar, Keyboard, Cajon, Electronic Beat Pads, a Voice Harmoniser (my back up singer), loop station and various other effects pedals.