6 tips for getting the most out of you wedding Singer & music

After singing at a few 100 weddings, i have seen the best and the most challenging parts of a wedding day, especially when it comes to music. From wedding venues that have sound restrictions that are so low i feel like i am whispering to moving 6 different times around the venue for each different part of the wedding. you may not think of every little thing but don’t worry, i am here to help!

Here are my top tips for getting the most out of your wedding singer & music

  1.  venue sound restrictions

    This is number one for a reason, because it is almost always overlooked or even never mentioned! ALWAYS ask your venue what their sound restrictions are, almost every single wedding venue has one! Does the sound restriction change as the night goes on? eg no amplified sound outside after 8pm or has to be lower than 60db(decibel reading) after 10pm? You may be surprised at what you find out. I have been a wedding singer at many weddings where they couple only found out about the restrictions on the night after asking why the music was so quiet!

    Here are a few great questions to ask your venue:

    • What decibel is your sound restriction?

      50db = Very Low and basically very quiet background music.

      70db = Okay but not good for dancing.

      85db = this is a very common sound restriction and is Decent for dancing.

      95db & above = Perfect for everything from Djing to a band, if you find this its a beautiful thing!

    • Does that change as the night goes on?

    • What time is the music cut off?

    • Are the sound restrictions different if my singer is outside or inside?

  2. is there power at each spot for my musician?

    I know it sounds like a pretty obvious question, but yes it is always good to double check that they have power available at all the spots that your Wedding Singer or DJ needs

  3. am i allowed a band?

    Some venues just will not allow bands at all or if they allow a band they may not allow a drummer (sometimes they may allow an electric drummer if you ask). As we talked about earlier this is mainly to do with their sound restrictions. As so many venues get complaints about sound from their neighbours it is always good to check before booking in a band and then losing your deposit when they cant play for you!

  4. Asking your guests for a favourite song.

    This is a perfect way to get the best out of your wedding music! It helps your guests to get into it even if they have super unique music taste! The best way to do it is to ask on your wedding invite.

  5. ask the musician for a short demo recording

    Worried about if your Aisle song will sound exactly the way you picture it? or if there is a certain way you want it sung? As a full time Ceremony Singer i want to sing it as close to the way picture it as i can! While still sounding like myself of course :) Also if you like the original version of the song better and you want it played on Ipod don’t worry as a musician i will not get offended! It is YOUR special day not mine! Whatever moves you and connects you to the moment more is the one you should pick :)

  6. Plan out where your musician is moving too

    Now this isn’t just for the musicians benefit, ultimately what do you have your wedding singer there to do? To sing right? So the more time they spending relocating around the venue for different spots, the less time they spend doing what they are good at! So take a look at the areas with power and try and keep the moving to a minimum. Most musicians should have a small set up and a big set up so they can have background music playing as much as possible. See my Equipment page to see what i use .


Ask your musician about anything, use them as a guide to lead you to your perfect musical setting on your special day. We know what we are doing and are always eager to help!